Traditional Wedding Rings VS. Non-Traditional Wedding Rings

The Eternal Symbol, the circle with no beginning or end, the permanent bond between a couple, the Wedding Ring. Over the years the wedding ring has taken many forms, the traditional form of rings, and more non traditional forms.

The history of the wedding ring dates back almost 3,000 years. We have come along way since they had braided rings of hemp leaves in Ancient Egyptian times.

3 major factors that have never changed when thinking about a wedding ring throughout the centuries have been:

  • Cost
  • Permanency
  • Flexibility

Traditional Wedding Ring Sets:

MeettheThyens-32 (1)

Photo provided by: Victoria Hunt Photograhy


Cost plays a major factor in most couples decision on wedding rings, the carat size of the diamond, the material of the band, additional bands added to the ring, engraving done to the ring, etc. Because of all of these options wedding rings and wedding ring sets can get pretty expensive. Simplicity is becoming the more modern trend in the 2010’s, turning away from the idea that “the bigger the diamond the more he loves you” concept.


This factor is one that has been the ever changing factor and the major factor of the ring. The durability, dependability on the ring. Because the ring symbolizes so much, the last thing you would want to happen to the one item that symbolizes your love for someone is to break, tarnish, or crack. Over the centuries this factor is one that has been ever changing. From the beginning when the ring was a hemp plant braided, to then being bone, leather, or ivory, now on to a metal of some sort. Time has shown us what material lasts and what materials can create an everlasting symbol of love.


As legend has told us we wear our wedding ring on our 4th finger because the vein of love runs through the fourth finger, so naturally wearing an eternal symbol of love should be wrapped around the vein that is connected to the heart.

Another legend has told us that in Ancient Rome during the wedding when the priest does the vows he would count back on the bride and grooms hands from their thumb saying in the name of the Father (thumb), Son (index finger), and Holy ghost (middle finger), Amen (fourth finger) places the ring on the ring finger and seals the bond of the two.

Lastly another legend tells us that the left hand was chosen to house the wedding ring because with most humans being right handed the ring would not interrupt our daily activities.

Moving forward to modern wedding ring traditions there are two that are most common:

The Tattoo

Image result for tattoo wedding ring

Image result for tattoo wedding ring

The Silicon Ring

Image result for silicone wedding ring

Image provided by Groove Ring


The cost of both the tattoo and the silicon ring are fairly cheap when placed next to the cost of wedding ring sets. The cost of these two modern trends are attractive to younger couples or couples that want to keep all aspects of their marriage simplistic and cost effective.


Obviously the Tattoo is the most permanent you can get with your wedding ring, this more modern “ring” is popular with the Millennial generation as the tattoo industry through the 90’s & 2000’s sky rocketed. This modern tradition is becoming more and more popular because of its permanent eternal symbol.

The permanency of the silicon ring is just as permanent as the other material rings, the silicon ring is created for active couples, couples that work with their hands, and non-traditional couples. The permanency of the silicon rings is important because the silicon is a hard to damage or tear material. Creating that eternal symbol for couples.


The Tattoo and how permanent it is creates a less flexible symbol. Depending on the ink used, or colors used touch ups will be needed but with modern technology though tattoo removal or ink quality it is becoming more cost effective and easier. The flexibility of the tattoo ring could very well be different in a matter of years.

The flexibility of the silicon ring on the other hand is rather flexible, because of the cost effectiveness of the ring you can buy multiple and wear certain rings to match outfits or get bigger or smaller sizes. Rather than having to get a ring resized or refitted, or a tattoo fading.

I believe that the traditional wedding ring will always be the number one choice of bride and grooms. As times change and traditions change we will always see new and interesting traditions that come with different generations. The exciting thing to know is that there is not a right or wrong way to have a wedding ring, it is ultimately your decision on how or even if you symbolize your eternal love with your partner.

With Love.

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money While Still Planning an Elegant Wedding.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, but that doesn’t mean you should have to spend your life’s worth on it either. Being in the wedding industry for now over 10 years Bel Air is providing some tips and tricks on how to save some money in some areas throughout the wedding.

The national average in America for a wedding today is $35,329. In this guide I hope to save you thousands of dollars so you to are not part of a statistic across America. There are small things you can do to cut cost and their are BIG things you can do to cut cost. I will give you a few of my best ideas, and hope to send you in a money saving mode anywhere else you can think of.

1. Floral

I Know a lot of you are thinking, I DO NOT want to cut cost in my flowers, I want elegant roses and hydrangeas. Or I have the perfect florist to create my dream bouquet!

That is perfectly fine, have your roses and hydrangeas, keep you florist! The trick is give and take, have a florist do you and your bridesmaids bouquet then maybe you and your friends and family put your centerpieces together. Bulk Super Stores can be your best friend when coming to bulk flowers for centerpieces. Also you receive them fresh a few days before your wedding ready to assemble. You can choose your roses, hydrangeas, or you can get exotic flowers as well. Just know you could be saving hundreds in your flower budget by putting them together yourself and exactly how you envision it!

2. Re-sale Decorations 

Now decorations and centerpieces are an important theme to a wedding, but what happens when you buy 35 centerpieces that have 3 glass vases in each with a candelabra and bird cages and never use them again? They get sold on this awesome site called So instead of investing in all of those centerpieces or glass vases you are never going to use again, skip the headache and go straight to the source. You can find almost anything wedding related on, clothing, centerpieces, runners, glasses, decorations, etc.

This is an awesome resource that in the end could save you hundreds!

3. Venue

Say you have your heart set on getting married or have your reception in a venue you love but they price everything separately, you have to pay to rent the room per hour you require, you pay per chair or table set up, you pay for every individual drink, etc. this definitely adds up. Instead try to find a venue that prices per guest that attends, this way everything is included in that price per head.

This is the tactic Bel Air has, we price per guest that attends your reception. Included in that price is a Dual Plated Entree with two sides, Salad and breadsticks, any soft drink, your entire room set up (tables, chairs, extra tables), linens and napkins, cake cutting, and tear down of the room as well. This way if this was all priced separately you would be paying 2/3rd’s as much as we charge per person.

So why do we charge per head, 1. It is extremely cheaper and more cost effective for our guests 2. It creates and easier planning experience for our brides, if everything is included then they don’t have to worry about how many tables or chairs they need where each table needs to go, or how to set each place setting.MeettheThyens-581

4. Cake 

Another area people do not think of maybe cutting cost, is with their cake. If you are not dead set on having a 5 tiered cake then this area can actually save you a lot of money. Did you know that 20% of the guest list actually eats cake. Now if you are buying cake for every guest invited and 80% are not going to eat the cake that is a lot of money being thrown into the trash.

The most cost effective way to buy and serve cake is to buy a small 1 or 2 tiered cake for you and your partner to cut, this cake can then be cut and served to 2 family tables and the bridal party. Then buy sheet cakes for the rest of the guest list have the service staff cut the cake and set on a cake table for the guests to serve themselves. Now if you wanted the cake to be serviced to the table you would have to have a slice per person that is attending. This is why self service cake actually saves you money in the long run because you only have to buy 20% of cake for your guests. Again this is just another area to think on possibly saving hundreds.


5. Favors

Now this is definitely an area people cut when watching a budget but did you think about using your “dessert” as your favor? You could “cut the cake” quit literally out of the equation and serve a dessert as your favor to guests. You could do doughnuts, cookies, parfait, candy station, etc. something cute that they could take a token from the wedding home with them but yet still have something sweet for dessert and bypass cake service all together.

6. Bar Service

Some couples opt out of the bar service and provide no type of alcohol. Some couples opt in and provide a full service bar for all hours of the night. But ever thought as to how to provide a full service bar but not pay for all those people that will not be drinking? The answer is a consumption based bar, that is right you only pay for what is consumed.

A lot of venues when pricing out a full service bar price out per guest attending. If you have only 40% of your guest list actually drinking then paying for 60% of your guest list not to drink is not cost efficient to your budget. But think if you could only pay for what was ordered by only people who were drinking. That is what the consumption based bar is, you only pay for what is being ordered. At Bel Air we ask you to put a certain amount down (whatever you are comfortable with) then throughout the night we subtract the drinks off that total, if we get close to $0 we let you know and either increase it or switch to cash bar, that simple.

We want your money spent well and cost effectively, this decision could save you thousands.

7. Extras 

Now say you are dead set on having chair covers or plate chargers, but when your guest count starts getting over 200 those small prices are increasing your budget for that area that you didn’t allocate funds too. Is there an answer but yet still have the desired elegance that you want. YES! Ask your vendor or venue if they would work with you 50/50, literally. Ask for only every other plate to have a plate charger, it may sound funny and hard to envision but still looks elegant and beautiful.

Say you are having chair covers but you really want to opt in to having band and bling added on to the chair covers, how can you do that cost effectively? Do every other chair have band and bling, that way you are still creating the look and feel you dreamed of but you are only paying for half of the chairs to have them (the waitstaff will thank you also).

Small adjustments such as this during the wedding process can save big time in the end, you just have to be cautious and aware of your options.

Always ask questions, whether it is your venue, vendor, or caterer if you have a question about a more cost effective way to do something, ask they might know the best route!


6 Different Cultures Wedding Traditions Explained

The beauty of weddings and ceremonies is not the decorations or the flowers, how much money you spend or even the wedding dress. The beauty of weddings and ceremonies is the traditions and culture over time that have created these special days. The beauty comes from the fact that cultures all over the world have adopted and shared traditions to other cultures today. Have a look into some of the most popular traditions from around the world that have been adopted into other cultures weddings as well.


English Folktales

  1. “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”. We have all heard this rhyme at some point or another, whether it was on the list of things to get leading up to the wedding or if it was the day of the wedding finding them last minute. But do we really know what each part means and stands for?
    1. Something Old- refers to the brides past, to take with her into this next journey so she remembers how she got there and where she came from.
    2. Something New- symbolizes her future with her husband something to take with her as a token to remember this day that they became one.
    3. Something Borrowed- this is usually something from a couple that has been together for a long period of time, to bring good luck to the new couple for longevity and love for their marriage.
    4. Something Blue- this token symbolizes love and fidelity that will be brought to them on their wedding day.
  2. “Marry on Monday for Health, Tuesday for Wealth, Wednesday the best day of all, Thursday for crosses, Friday for losses, Saturday for no luck at all”.
    1. The irony about this old folktale is that most modern weddings are on Saturdays. As time has progressed Saturday has become “the day” you get married, mostly for the convenience of your guests.  kj, Meaning that most your guests do not work on Saturdays making it easier for them to attend your wedding. If you were to have your wedding in the middle of the week a lot of your guest list may not be able to attend because of their work schedule.


  1. Wearing a Veil has become a tradition and custom throughout the world and different cultures. Originally started in Rome this tradition of wearing a veil over the brides face was said to disguise her from evil spirits that were jealous of her. This tradition has become a part of most ceremonies and customs around the world today.
  2. The wedding cake, also a tradition that is seen in many different cultures and weddings is said to have started in Rome as well. The tradition started as guests broke bread over the bride to ensure fertility, this has taken many different forms throughout history and has stuck with the tradition we have now as cutting of the cake and the couple feeding it to each other.

Medieval Time 

  1. Carrying the bride over the threshold started in Medieval Europe it was thought that the brides feet were very susceptible to evil spirits. The tradition started when the groom would carry the bride into their home so that she was not to bring any evil spirits into their new home.
  2. Another tradition still seen today that was started during the Medieval time was started by the Spartans. They would have “Stag Parties” for the groom to say goodbye to his time as a bachelor. Today known as Bachelor Parties this is a very popular tradition that still takes place.


  1. An interesting tradition that Denmark had was that the bride and groom would cross dress to confuse the evil spirits. Now this may not be a tradition that has lasted the tales of time but was a tradition that was interesting enough to add on. Modern weddings in Denmark are now very different than they use to be. They are very small intimate and involve little to no planning. They are very simplistic in the traditions and customs they use now for their weddings.


  1. A Moroccan Wedding has many traditions and customs to make the wedding process as beautiful and involved as possible. The entire wedding process can last 7 days from pre-wedding customs to post-wedding customs.
  2. One pre-wedding tradition that is said to still be done today and in many other cultures is the Milk Bath. This Milk Bath is typically done the morning of the ceremony, it purify’s the bride from any evil spirits or any impurities. This tradition is now found throughout the world, brides not only find it to be purifying for their day of the wedding but also a moment they have to themselves to relax.


  1. Ireland began the tradition of the ringing of the bells on the wedding day. After the ceremony was over the church would ring the bells for the entire day. This was said to distract the evil spirits from following the couple from the church. This is found to happen over many different cultures and still takes place today.


One similarity you may see throughout many of these traditions is the tradition to outwit evil spirits. This was an important tradition in many weddings centuries ago, to distract/disguise evil spirits meant you would have a long and happy marriage. These traditions that are still seen today are a reminder of our past and where we have come from. These traditions have built and created weddings and ceremonies for what they are today. They wanted so much happiness and good luck for the couple they would take extreme measures, now today some of these may not go to the extent of how they were performed, but the essence of the tradition is still performed.

Now this is just a short list of some traditions from some cultures, but what about all the traditions and cultures out there, what is still done today that was started centuries ago? The importance of culture and customs in weddings is one that is taken for granted in modern weddings. It truly is a beautiful thing that we can come together as a world and share traditions on what is known to be the happiest day of peoples lives.


6 Questions to Ask When Choosing Wedding Food!

One of the most important and memorable decisions for your wedding day is the food you choose to have. When thinking of the food for your reception do not only think of the type of food but also the style of service of your food.

1.Do you offer a buffet style or waited staff style?

Bel Air exclusively offers a waited staff style, we want every guest to have that extra service of having their own waiter. They will be there for them for the entire night, taking their drink orders, as well as serving them their food, delivering their salad and bread sticks, and also delivering their dessert!

2. Does your venue provide lemonade, water, tea, and coffee with every meal as well?

Bel Air includes with the price per guest all non-alcoholic beverages including soft drinks. Providing this drink option for all guests is an extra touch that we love to give for the guests and bridal party. We find that including this into the price and providing this service brides and families are more appreciative and see that we do go above and beyond to make every guest comfortable with their time with us.

3. Is there any additional food items that the venue includes into your package?

Bel Air includes a Mixed Greens Salad and Basket of Bread for every guest. We find that providing the Salad and Bread Sticks is a nice treat for guests that have been there during the ceremony, it gives them something to munch on maybe while waiting for the bridal party to take pictures and also it gets the guests to their seats and gets them ready for the reception to start. We love to provide salad and bread to all guests at the reception because we believe it is a service that not all venues provide so it makes us stick out from the rest.DSC_0391

4. Is the selection of food a minimal selection or do you have a wide range of food to choose from on your venue menu?

Bel Air provides many options on our menus.

Bel Air Appetizer Menu includes:

  • Tomato Basil Bruschetta
  • Italian Meatballs
  • BBQ Meatballs
  • Asiago Meatballs
  • Portabella Mushroom Croustini
  • Sundried Tomato & Feta Croustini
  • Cucumber Red Pepper Cream Cheese
  • BBQ Chicken Bites
  • Baked Spinach Dip in Tortilla Cups

Silver Entree Options:

  • Beef Tip Filet with Brown Sauce
  • Baked Steak with Mushroom & Onions
  • Chicken Marsala
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Lemon Chicken Picatta
  • Chicken Florentine with Cream Sauce
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu with Dijon Cream Sauce
  • Glazed Breast of Chicken (glazes: Sesame, Apricot, BBQ)
  • Broiled Salmon
  • Cajun Salmon
  • Tilapia Ala Tarrific
  • Lightly Breaded Tilapia
  • Three Cheese Manicotti Rose
  • Original Meat Lasagna
  • Four Cheese Lasagna
  • Pineapple Glazed Sliced Ham
  • Bone-in Pork Chop (glazes: Apricot and BBQ)

Silver Side Dish Options:

  • Baby Red Mashed Potatoes
  • Rosemary Roasted Yukon Gold Wedges
  • Wild Rice Blend Pilaf
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Roasted Corn, Red Beans, & Rice Blend
  • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Mashed Potato Casserole
  • Fresh Sauteed Green Beans
  • Green Beans with Bacon & Brown Sugar
  • Roasted Asparagus
  • Buttered Sweet Corn
  • Creamed Corn
  • Sauteed Carrots & Green Beans
  • Sweet Gingered Carrots

What we pride ourselves in with our menu is that the menu is a very wide range of different foods. With our pricing being that you get to select 2 entrees and two side dishes there is 4 items on all guests plates. Our menu also ranges for all seasons as well, another exciting detail we provide.

5. Does your venue offer specialty meals, vegan, vegetarian, children plates, or any accommodations for allergies?

At Bel Air we love to make our guests as comfortable as possible we accommodate any allergy or special request. We like to go above and beyond to create a plate for an individual guest to ensure their experience with us was excellent. Also we try our hardest to make these plates as close to the plate that you have chose for your reception. Say you have 22 children in your guest list not a problem, we make a very accommodating child’s plate. We choose one of the entree’s you have selected with the other entree being chicken fingers, we include a kid friendly veggie, and the starch that you chose.

We love to show how flexible and accommodating we are, we want you to know that what you want on your wedding day is our number 1 priority. We want the bride, groom, and family to leave more happy than they could have dreamed. We want the wedding day to end like a fairy-tale, making us a flexible staff.

6. Is there any desserts or snacks that can be added onto your package?

One of our favorite items that we can add onto your package is a dessert option. Examples we have done in the past are Cheesecake topping bar, Ice Cream Bar, Intermezzo, Trail Mix Bar, Hot Chocolate Bar, and much more. If you have an idea for a dessert or snack let us know and we will try to make it happen.


As you can see in these questions and answers Bel Air does its best in trying to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. We don’t want any detail to get in the way of making one of the most important days of your life anything short of the best day of your life. We love love, and love to celebrate it!




Bel Air Sales & Event Director


5 Reasons Bel Air’s Hospitality & Service Tops Every Other Venue.

One of the biggest values at Bel Air is we do not have a room charge! Some may ask, “How can you have so many events and not charge a room fee?” The answer is we price your event based on your guest count. Making all of the pricing and packages at Bel Air unique to your event and your wedding!

Why do we do this?

We feel that you shouldn’t be held accountable for paying a room charge that is set standard across the board, when we have weddings and events of all different sizes. We would rather create a unique package for each event and wedding, thus showing our unique flexibility and hospitality to our guests.

So what are these 5 Reasons Bel Air’s Hospitality & Service Tops Every Other Venue?

1. Highly Trained Waitstaff

Our waitstaff at Bel Air are trained in multiple different areas to create a well-rounded experience for all guests. Most all of our waitstaff have been serving events for more than 10 years, making them our best training tool as well. Not only is the waitstaff here for you and your guests the day of your event but they were also at Bel Air the night before setting the room to be identical to what you had requested. They read and memorize all details of your event making them well aware of your timeline, details, and special requests. They are as familiar with your event as the event director for Bel Air is.

Also because of their background and experience serving events they are also a key tool to Bel Air for wedding planners, florists, cake bakers, and any other vendors. They have seen it all for the past 4 years here at Bel Air, if you had a question on how something was done, or if something was possible they are able to answer any questions. Also because Bel Air does not offer a buffet style, our waitstaff serves each and every one of your guests with drinks, dinner, and dessert. Because Bel Air strives for excellent service and hospitality we believe that serving each individual guests gives a nice finishing touch to our service from throughout the process.

2. Director of Events, Sales & Marketing

Speaking of wonderful attentive staff, every event that is booked at Bel Air receives the constant touch and guidance from our very own Event Director, Katee Chandler. She is highly trained in hospitality and event coordinating. She started in the event industry as a manager and coordinator at sports venues such as Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Kokomo Municipal Stadium. At these venues she used her expertise of hospitality to increase sales, increase customer satisfaction, and increase employee effectiveness.

With her “Hospitality Touch Method” she has been able to turn around annual events, partnerships, and customer satisfaction within more than 10 companies. She is a major asset to our team, our brides feel more secure knowing that she is taking the pressure off of them by handling the wedding details, food details, and payments. Customers have told her booking with her has been the smoothest and easiest part of the entire wedding process. Having Katee apart of our team has improved our hospitality awareness and customer satisfaction.

3. Out of Town Welcome Packages

Part of Katee’s “Hospitality Touch Method” reminds us to be able to make contact with all guests, maybe even before they step foot onto our venue. Because of this rule Katee has developed a very detailed and helpful packet for out of town guests and out of town bridal parties. She will be as invested as the bride would like her to be, from typing up favorite local restaurants, “Things to do”, and even creating maps for guests on how to arrive at Bel Air.

She has created welcome itineraries for guests staying over night, for the weekend, or even just an afternoon. Her motto is she wants every guest to love Kokomo as much as she does by the time they leave. This extra touch she provides increases the guest satisfaction and also provides a service not many venues provide.

4. Shuttle Bus

Another awesome service that is included in the booking of your event with Bel Air is a shuttle bus. We want nothing to stop the guests from being able to have the best night ever, not even having to worry about how they will return to their hotel. This is why as part of your package booking with Bel Air our Shuttle Bus is a service we provide for all guests staying at any hotel in Kokomo.

If you are having a ceremony not at Bel Air and you want to be able to provide your guests with a ride to the reception as well as back to the hotel after reception we can provide that as well. Katee will create a schedule for all your guests staying at the hotel of when the shuttle will arrive at the hotel and when they will arrive at Bel Air. Then when the first guest is ready to head back after reception the shuttle will be there to take guests back to the hotel.

Within Katee’s “Hospitality Touch Method” this would be the guests last physical interaction with Bel Air making this a vital service for Bel Air to provide guests. Also another service that is provided to every event that is booked with Bel Air and another aspect not all other venues are able to provide.

5. Flexibility

Bel Air being a client satisfaction based venue we pride ourselves in being able to accommodate any and all brides. We understand that not every event, reception, or ceremony will be the same (because that would be boring), which is why we are very flexible with aspects and details of any event. We encourage brides to ask questions, and see if the vision they see is possible at our venue. If you wanted to have a hot chocolate bar at your reception but never asked you wouldn’t know if it was possible (which it is!).

We want to be able to make every client and brides dream come true, that is why flexibility is key with Bel Air. Being able to be flexible and being able to create a beautiful event is a main key on keeping our customer satisfaction so high. Not putting every event in a box and giving multiple parameters is also another aspect that makes us stand out from the rest.

We prides ourselves in being able to create unforgettable, excellent serviced, and fairy-tale worthy events. We would love to serve you and your family, at what we believe to be the most valued venue in Indiana, for your next wedding, birthday, or rehearsal dinner.